A message to our stakeholders from president Yuichiro Sumimoto

Sony Bank is committed to benefiting stakeholders through its corporate activities. Based on our corporate philosophy, we will strive continuously to support environmental protection activities, human rights, diversity and other social initiatives toward a healthy and sustainable society.

Eco activitiesSony Bank environmental policy

Sony Bank acquired ISO 14001 environmental management certification in April 2008 and established an environmental management system promoting activities that save energy, conserve resources, enhance communities, etc.

Basic principles

Sony Bank Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as “Sony Bank”) is committed to benefiting stakeholders, protecting the global environment wherever it is active, and developing a sustainable, synergistic relationship with society through its corporate activities.
With “Be fair” as its policy, Sony Bank employs its global environmental management system to comply with environmental laws and regulations, minimize environmental impact from its use of energy and resources and protect the global environment.


  • 1. Sony Bank will strive to continuously improve its environmental protection activities and prevent pollution by carefully considering the environmental impact of its business operations, products and services and setting appropriate goals and targets.
  • 2. Sony Bank will fully consider and implement environmental conservation activities companywide in its business operations and when providing products and services.
  • 3. Sony Bank will carry out environmental audits to maintain and improve its environmental management system.
  • 4. Sony Bank will educate its employees to improve their awareness of the environment.
  • 5. Sony Bank will disclose its environmental activities internally and externally via public relations activities.

October 10, 2007
Sony Bank Incorporated