Eco actions

  • Eco activities with customersConservation via digital delivery

    Going paperless to conserve resources

    As an internet bank, Sony Bank uses as little paper as possible in its dealings with customers, such as for receipts, passbooks and product descriptions.

    Investment trusts largely used paper documents in the past, but we are asking customers to switch to digital delivery to conserve paper as well as reduce CO2 emissions generated by traditional mail delivery.

  • Eco activities with employeesCarbon offset

    Since 2008, Sony Bank has been receiving Tradable Green Certificates for all electricity used (except for subcontracted tasks) to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2. Since 2013, Sony Bank has been using credits certified by J-Credit Scheme* instead of Tradable Green Certificates to completely offset CO2 emitted for electricity used (except for subcontracted tasks).

    *The J-Credit Scheme is a system in which the Japanese government certifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced and absorbed by energy-saving equipment and activities such as forest management and then issues credits accordingly.
    Sony Bank derived its credits from forest management activities (thinning promotion) that nurture the growth of forests and increase CO2 absorption.

Carbon offset bank

Sony Bank aims to win customer trust not only through beneficial interest rates and low fees (made possible by forgoing physical shops and their associated management costs), but also through efforts to curb emissions.

About carbon offset

In support of creating a low-carbon society, we will take the following three actions to offset CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions generated by our daily lifestyles and economic activities:

  • 1. We will make earnest efforts to cut emissions
  • 2. We will estimate our emissions of greenhouse gases
  • 3. We will invest in activities that reduce greenhouse gases to offset our estimated emissions