About us


Be fair
Sony Bank provides high-quality financial services based on a "Be fair" policy.
Be fair
Sony Bank aims to be fair.
Our definition of fairness concerns market trends and the provision of sufficient information.
Thus, we will set interest rates and prices based on market trends, offer easy-to-understand products and services and maintain high transparency in bank management.
For the public interest, we will secure assets entrusted by customers and conduct business operations responsibly as a member of the fund settlement network.
Contribute to Japanese economic growth
We contribute steady economic growth in Japan to bring people stability and enrich their lives.
Provide asset management tools
Asset management varies depending on one's situation and philosophy. We believe assets should be allocated according to long-term goals and reviewed on a regular basis rather than frequently replaced. We provide customers with the financial information they need to appropriately allocate, manage and operate their financial assets.
Maximize the use of IT technology
The development of IT technology has made it possible to provide high-level financial services online. We will further improve our services to more precisely meet the needs of customers at lower cost. Our aim is to significantly expand the availability of advanced financial services that were once limited to privileged clients due to manual handling requirements.
Provide personalized service for each customer
We strive to provide services that match each customer’s internet environment through devices they are familiar with. We also fully utilize the latest developments in information and communication technology to deliver products that precisely meet the needs of customers.
Provide more beneficial products and services
We employ innovative IC technology to reduce costs and use financial theory and technology to develop more beneficial products and services that meet the needs of individual investors online in the internet era.
Develop internet service infrastructure
We encourage the sound expansion and development of internet services as a financial institution and facilitate settlement infrastructure, etc.
Create a pleasant, flexible work environment
Sincerity is the core value of our services. We seek to create a work environment where every employee can perform his or her best while freely and pleasantly serving customers.