Sumatra project

Project for Forest Conservation in Sumatra activity report

Sony Bank Conservation Activities

For every Sony Bank account opened since September 2012, Sony Bank has donated 10 yen to Project for Forest Conservation in Sumatra, a conservation project managed by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Japan. Customers can support this conservation project simply by opening an account with Sony Bank.

Donations are used for forest conservation in general. Each 1,000 yen is enough to plant one tree for forest regeneration (plant one tree sapling and nurture it for three years).
Total Contribution as of March 31,2021 Equivalent to 10,444 trees planted

How it works

  • Customer

    Open an account with Sony Bank
  • Sony Bank

    Sony Bank donates 10 yen per account opened
  • WWF Japan

    The donation goes to Project for Forest Conservation in Sumatra (Indonesia)

The funding of donation is made by Sony Bank, not by customers or taken from customers' accounts.